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PT MRT Jakarta Distributes 2,403 Masks and Hand Sanitizers

As an effort to reduce the spread of the corona virus, on Monday (30-3-2020), PT MRT Jakarta in collaboration with DKI Bank and the Wings Peduli Kasih Foundation distributed 2,403 packages containing masks and hand sanitizers. The distribution location is located around the Kendal Tunnel, Taman Dukuh Atas, and the entrance to BNI Dukuh Atas Station. The free package is intended for people who are still active or working outside the home and traveling using public transportation. Even though the Upper Hamlet area looks unusually quiet, there are still people passing by after a commuterline or ratangga train. The distribution of mask packages and hand sanitizers is planned to take place until Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at the same location.

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) has implemented a number of rules relating to suppressing the spread of the corona virus both at stations and trains, such as regularly cleaning station and train areas with disinfectants, in collaboration with a number of institutions providing disinfection booths and hand washing areas in stations and surrounding areas , providing hand sanitization at each station, as well as vigorously conducting prevention socialization through social media channels and electronic and print media rooms at stations and trains. The public can also see information related to their independent efforts to reduce the spread of the corona virus through the website #JakartaPastiBisa is a joint movement to suppress the rate of corona virus spread in the DKI Jakarta area. This movement emphasizes maintaining personal hygiene independently, such as frequent hand washing with soap and running water and keeping a distance from others at least one meter.

One of the passengers received a mask and hand sanitizer package. Photo by MRT Jakarta / Irwan Citrajaya

The rapid spread of the corona virus prompted the government to issue a call to work from home and reduce activities outside the home. This has an impact on the reduced number of daily passengers on public transportation including the pattern of operations. In the Jakarta MRT, the number of daily passengers has dropped to 90 percent from the usual 90 thousand people per day, now in a day around 8-9 thousand people. The interval of train departure changes from five minutes during rush time and 10 minutes outside of busy time to 20 minutes. Operating hours also changed from usual where the first train departs at five in the morning, now it is at six in the morning. The time of operation which usually ends at 24.00 WIB, now ends at 20.00 WIB. This is in order to support the government's efforts to encourage people to reduce activities outside the home during the corona virus pandemic. [NAS]