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PT MRT Jakarta Supports Cycling Friendly Schools

As part of the “Cycling Friendly Jakarta” campaign program initiated by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), the “Cycling Friendly School” campaign is again being echoed as a form of education and appreciation program for active elementary school students and students in Jakarta. cycling, at least when getting to and from school. This campaign was held for the first time at SDN 01 Gandaria Selatan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (20-11-2019) as a pilot school. Attending this activity, Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of PT MRT Jakarta, Muhamad Kamaluddin, and ITDP South East Asia Director, Faela Sufa.

“PT MRT Jakarta is very supportive of the cycling-friendly school program at SDN 01 Gandaria Selatan. We really support children to ride bicycles to school. We also plan to build a bicycle rack in this school to see the bicycle parking area that needs to be tidied up, "said Kamaludin. "There are about 50-60 students who go to school using bicycles. With the bicycle racks, we hope that they will be more enthusiastic and can attract their friends to also bike to school, ”he continued. In addition, he added, this school is very close to Cipete Raya Station. "After school hours, if they want to travel by ratangga, they can still use their bikes. Can be parked on the bicycle rack at the station and continue the journey by ratangga. We really support our efforts to foster a daily cycling culture from an early age, ”explained Kamal.

Syafrin Liputo said that the government wanted to promote a cycling-friendly culture from an early age. "We want to connect schools in Jakarta which are close to transportation nodes such as stations, terminals and bus stops, so that the cycling culture is not only" owned "by office workers but also has started early, since school age," he said. "This is a pilot school. Next we will expand the scope to several other points. However, our initial priority is schools located in the Jakarta MRT station area, "he explained. Currently, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has prepared 63 kilometers of bicycle paths, he continued, which we plan to expand to 500 kilometers. "This cycling-friendly school activity, the government collaborates with business actors and non-governmental organizations to jointly present a bicycle-friendly Jakarta," he explained.

Apart from supporting the #JakartaRamahBerscycle program, PT MRT Jakarta also supports the #JalanJakarta program, one of which is the installation of signage within a 500 meter radius from the Jakarta MRT station. This initiative between the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency, ITDP Indonesia, and the community aims to make it easier for people to find out the pedestrian path to the nearest Jakarta MRT station from their neighborhood. [NAS]